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One day a guy came in for a reading and before we began he asked…

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Sedona Hawaii

Lorna Kailiuli's specialty session is Chakra Balancing with tuning forks and color lights. During the session, you will learn that the subtle body reacts to the tuning forks, color lights, color cloths and crystals/gemstones. Synchronizing with these different energy modalities, the subtle body will adjust and balance the chakras. The chakras are energy centers within the subtle body. There are many chakras, but we will be working with the basic 7 which are located along the spine, neck and head areas. One will experience change on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Length of the Session: 60 minutes for $120. Call our store to make an appointment at (808)591-8010. ... See MoreSee Less



Sedona Hawaii

@RealSarahC we are grateful that we can be of service to our customers and to our community


Alan Johnson clearly is guided by spirit when giving a readings to his clients. I have had readings with Alan for nearly twenty years now. He is a truly gifted psychic, who can quickly see what is troubling you and help you set it right. Alan has helped me through many challenges and difficulties in my life. A rare and genuine psychic reader as well as a delightful, wonderful person. I recommend Alan highly!!


You know the question ‘who would you like to sit next to at the perfect dinner party?’, my answer would be Alan. Not only is he a delight and always manages to make me laugh, even in ‘serious’ matters, he is shockingly intuitive and spot on. When he gives you the reading, you are enthralled with what spirit says through him – sometimes more intrigue than listing down the possibilities, but you find yourself at later dates and events thinking to yourself, ‘Alan told me about this!’

J. Metzger

I was given a reading by Mr. Darrell Harada, that cleared my concerns and worries and pin-pointed the choices of my life, as if he was seeing through my mind.  I thank him for guiding me for my near future.  Thank you very much, Darrell.  I’d like to come back to see him when I get to schedule another trip to Hawaii next time.


I have spent more than half of my life and been exhausted with work.  I’ve been wondering if there’s any meaning to my life.  I was so surprised that my tears welled up, when Mr. Harada talked about my possible relationship which I had given up a long time ago.  After the reading I was wishing I had asked more questions about my possible partner, but now I understand that I asked him the most necessary questions then. In the reading I was happy that Mr. Darrell Harada was kind and warm to me.

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