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Color Moon Phases 8" Grid


White Magic - Magical Blessing Bottle


Elemental - Earth


Elemental - Fire


Elemental - Air


Elemental - Water


Metatron's Cube Wood Grid Box


Blue Dragon Egg Protection Bowl

Ancient Memory Oils for Each Sign of the Zodiac

Ancient Memory Oils for Each Sign of the Zodiac

These specialty oils are created with each sign and their unique attributes in mind, using fragrances, herbs and crystals that all represent to the energy of each sign.  Read on to find out which herbs, fragrances and crystals relate to you and your sign!

Does Shungite Really Work?

Shungite’s popularity and its numerous known uses has positively skyrocketed. With its desirability in the marketplace growing it came to be known as somewhat of a miracle mineral, capable of increasing our well being and protecting the human body from harmful radiation and environmental assaults, especially those presented by EMFs (electro-magnetic frequency). But with so much hype surrounding something that the majority of the population considers “new,” we wanted to answer the number one question we get in the shop: Does it really work? Read on to get the answer.
Does Shungite Really Work?