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About Our Readers

Sedona Hawaii is a spiritual experience.
As much as there is to see, there is even more to experience.
Dedicated to helping you achieve both personal and spiritual growth, we offer the best psychic readings in Honolulu.  We invite you to book a personal reading appointment for an Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot, Numerology, or Psychic Reading with one of our professional and compassionate psychic readers who are available seven days a week.  All psychic readings are by phone or Zoom only, in-person appointments are currently unavailable.
Current reader's schedule can be found here!
Amande Lind - About Our Readers Image
Amandé Lind
Intuitive & Empathic Reader

Erica Wade-Watson, PhD
Intuitive Reader


Melissa Goodheart - About Our Readers Image 
Rev. Melissa Goodheart
Intuitive Reader


lDr. Helen Stewart - About Our Readers Image
Dr. Helen Stewart
Intuitive Consultant

Lorna Kailiuli - About Our Readers Image
Lorna Kailiuli
Psychic Channel


Rev. Moon Lavender
Psychic intuitive & Metaphysics Educator


Sundae Merrick - About Our Readers Image
Sundae Merrick
Psychic Astrologer