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Erica Wade

Erica Wade

Intuitive Reader


I love the Breathwork because I see immediate results and clients get a beautiful upgrade. I normally wait a few days after a session to follow up with the client to see if they’ve noticed anything and how their overall experience was.

Subjects: Past Lives, Relationships, Spiritual Growth, Career, Love
Abilities: Quantum Breathwork Facilitator, Intuitive Channeling, Crystal Channeling, Pendulum Work
Style: Compassionate Yet Firm, Transformational

Erica reads Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 9am - 3pm. Thursdays are 9am - 12pm.

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Erica also offers special Breathwork sessions via Zoom
Breathwork is all about resetting the body, mind, and spirit as one while clearing out what no longer serves the client and aligning their chakras. This is a stress relieving experience that can melt away tension within a person. Oftentimes clients indicate at the beginning of a session a sense of heaviness as though they are being pulled down. Like how certain crystals have a grounding, stabilizing effect. Others describe a sensation of weightlessness right from the beginning as though they are floating. In the end clients should feel lighter and more relaxed overall. People often have a deep sense of clarity after a session as well since part of the Breathwork is helping them break free from past life traumas and/or soul contracts. Breathwork is a relaxing, comfortable experience recommended for anyone seeking to lighten their heart, shed their stress, and achieve greater insight.

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Reader Interview with Erica, Intuitive Reader

What do you feel is your main purpose as a reader?
From a Breathwork standpoint the main purpose for me is to have the clients release old data and programs in form of their parents, teachers, religions, voices and actions that no longer serve them and reboot their hard drives of themselves. In a reading, as in a Breathwork session, my main goal is to help the client feel better in whatever form that means for them. My main purpose with a reading is first and foremost to read what I see that’s going on in  their lives and to hopefully address some of their concerns or questions along with providing techniques to deal their situations at hand.

How do you do your readings and what will I experience in one of your readings?
A Breathwork session is a very simple technique to heal using the breath to release and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. The client should be lying on a comfortable surface, with the room slightly darkened. An eye mask is recommended to block light and distraction. The session begins with a short -guided visualization meditation combined with gentle, yet full breathing to help relax the brain, body and nervous system. I will call in their higher self to guide the session with the intention that the room and journey is both a safe and sacred space. At the end of the meditation you will slightly intensify your breathing to allow for expansion and to slip into an awake-dream-like state. It is very common for emotions to arise during the process. Unlike conventional therapy where you dig memories and try to analyze them which can result in re-traumatizing the body and mind Breathwork helps the journeyer to have gentle releases without figuring out or analyzing them. Clients usually feel lighter, calm, and at peace because they've allowed themselves to let go. After a Breathwork clients are also aligned and should go gentle on themselves for the next few days.

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In standard readings, I’ve done cards but most of the time will journal or channel calling in the various deities and or angels. Sometimes I will use certain stones to read along with drawing or as I’d refer to as “scribble” because I am not an artist as this has been a very powerful tool for me.

What methods or tools do you use in your readings to access your intuition and information?
Music, crystals, scribbles , cards., pendulum.

What do you enjoy most about giving readings?
The joy after I’ve done a Breathwork session and seeing such incredible results along with helping people on a very organic level!

As a reader what situations or areas do you most enjoy helping people with?
I love the Breathwork because I see immediate results and clients get a beautiful upgrade. I normally wait a few days after a session to follow up with the client to see if they’ve noticed anything and how their overall experience was.

Will you tell me “bad” things?
I will tell you what I see but usually if its
something not good its more of a warning. I will usually give you solutions and or ways to counteract it. Obviously there are things that are beyond our control and for that matter depending on the individual and circumstance(s) I will have a better sense at how I would deal with the matter at that moment. I generally get warnings when I encounter clients that have a lot of stuff going on.

Is my future set or can I change things?
Things are constantly changing and yes clients can change the outcomes to certain situations and circumstances and I would let them know they have free will to do so.

How long have you been giving readings professionally?
I’ve been reading people randomly throughout my life but I have been doing the Quantum Shift Breathwork sessions for longer than a year now.

Who were your teachers and mentors that helped shape the way you do readings?
A world-renowned local psychic in Hawaii has been one of my dear friends and teachers who has encouraged me to use my abilities along with my teacher in Sedona Arizona Meredith Davis who certified me the Quantum Breathwork. I also have friends who have encouraged me who are also psychics.

How many years have you studied for your profession?
On a professional level, only a couple of years but I have always known I’ve had some abilities but never worked professionally at it until the last year.

Tell me a little about some other interesting things that you do.
I love to learn and going out to land, getting close to nature is my medicine along with reading.