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Clearing & Cleansing

Ancient Memory Oil: Aura Cleanse
Aura Cleanse: 
cleanse, purify, and clear your aura of electromagnetic pollution and negative influences - to restore balance and wellbeing
Ancient Memory Oil: Axe the Ex
Axe the Ex: 
immediately stop the energy connection between you and someone you wish to be free from - use for spiritual "cord cutting", not only for once romantic situations, but for any relationship that has run its course
Ancient Memory Oil: Banish It
Banish It: 
banish entities, negative spirits, and negative energies in general from your home and environment, and keep them from returning - opens the way to release what does not belong there, then sends it away from your space
Ancient Memory Oil: Clearing
clears away negative, stagnant, unhealthy energy, pollution, and EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) interference - get rid of energetic imbalances
Ancient Memory Oil: Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel:
call upon your guardian angels to align with "white light" energy to create sacred space where needed - also for protection, guidance, and comfort when needed
Ancient Memory Oil: House Blessing
House Blessing:
clear and cleanse your home and surroundings of strong negative energy - restores balance, harmony, and peace to a space while offering a bit of protection
Ancient Memory Oils: Manifest It
Manifest It: 
removes energy blocks in the way - manifest your goals and move forward in life; helps in completion of projects
Ancient Memory Oil: No Jinx
No Jinx:
wipe away self-imposed blocks and negative self-talk - reset energies to be more positive and constructive
Ancient Memory Oil: Positive Energy
Positive Energy:
release negativity and increase your positive attitude and light - lifts the energy of your surroundings
Ancient Memory Oil: Purification
uplift your spirt and help to let go of life's burdens - energetically cleanse your body and aura
Ancient Memory Oil: Quiet Separation
Quiet Separation:
peacefully cut ties with negative people and bad situations - quietly remove yourself from relationships of those that no longer respect or value you, and leave peacefully
Ancient Memory Oil: Releasing
release all that is not serving you and let go of negative burdens of the past - helps with forgiveness of self and others, healing past trauma and grief, uplifts sadness and clears stored anger
Ancient Memory Oil: Reset
release negative, old or harmful past energies and karma to start generating new, more positive energies - for those who feel they need a complete change of energy within their lives
Ancient Memory Oil: Shake It Off
Shake It Off:
break hexes, extreme bad energies, and remove energy blocks that someone has purposely sent in your direction - remove and ground these energies without creating Karmic consequences for the person sending ill-intent
Ancient Memory Oil: Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams:
for energetically sensitive children and adults experiencing nightmares and anxiety during sleep due to sensing negative energies around them - brings soothing and calming energy while you sleep