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Money Pot Set, Small

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Money Pot Set

for creating your Wealth Corner

This Money Pot is handcrafted to look like a wide-open money bag, ready to be filled with money and treasures.  Depicted on the outside are gold ingots and a Lucky
Chinese Coin— symbols of great wealth.

This set contains:

  •      Ceramic Money Pot
  •      8 Chinese Coins in pouch
  •      Lucky Red Envelope (hóngbāo/lì shì/lai see/lisee)     
  •      5-Element Stone Mix

Use to establish your Wealth Corner!

How to Establish a Wealth Corner:

Based on the Architectural Structure Theory of Feng Shui, the Wealth Corner is a
corner in your Living Room, Family Room, Study, Office, or Bedroom that is used to maintain or increase your Money Luck.  Specially chosen items placed in that corner activate, enhance, and grow your wealth by creating more opportunities for greater money potential through jobs, your career, and investments.

Typically, the Wealth Corner is located in the corner at a 45 degree angle diagonally from the entrance or front door to a home, office, or bedroom.  

It is important to keep the Wealth Corner tidy, well lit and free from certain “taboos” that may render it ineffective.  Avoid having a fan or air conditioner blowing on or above the Wealth Corner.  If there is clutter, a window, or sliding door in the Wealth Corner this will also hinder the accumulation of wealth.  Remedies for this would be removing or redirecting the fan or air conditioner away from the corner, hanging a large curtain that fully covers the window or door and clearing clutter.

Items that enhance the Wealth Corner include:

  • A ceramic Money Bag Pot with eight or twelve coins in the bottom covered with 5 Element Gravel
  • A Gold Ingot
  • Pi-Chu statues
  • Images of mountains with water
  • An Amethyst Geode
  • A Money Tree or Lucky Bamboo plant

These items should be visibly displayed; and kept neat and clean.

For more information please read Feng Shui Master
Michael Wu’s, 2023 Feng Shui & Fortune Book.