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White Light Spray 2oz

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White Light Spray

Sedona Mystic Mysts Series

Use this myst to connect with Universal Love.  Shift and change any negativity to a more positive and loving energy.  Call on White Light, representing purity, to surround you with a healing and protective light.

Shake & Spray to release the magic!

This Sedona Mystic Myst Contains:
Sedona's proprietary White Light oil, 6 purifying stone chips and mica in a base of botanical hydration face and body mist. 

Bottles are 2 ounces

Mica and coloring is cosmetic grade, naturally and ethically sourced, non-toxic, cruelty-free with absolutely no animal testing.  Caution: coloring may stain if used liberally or spilled.  Color is water-soluble and will wash out with normal laundry detergent or soap.