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Power & Strength


Ancient Memory Oil: Ascension Light
Ascension Light: 
raise awareness of your life's purpose - help reach your highest potential
Ancient Memory Oil: Big Luck 2024
Big Luck 2024: 
invite Big Luck into your life for 2024 - focus your energy on your goals, with a bit of luck, have things easily go your way
Ancient Memory Oil: Business Success
Business Success: 
shift into the spotlight and be acknowledged for your hard work - increase personal power and charisma for more customers, sales, fame, and success 
Ancient Memory Oil: Can Do
Can Do: 
set your sights on what you desire and achieve it - boosts motivation, confidence, and perseverance to attain goals and overcome all challenges
Ancient Memory Oil: Desire Me
Desire Me:
create a "desiring" effect in any and all aspects of life - allows people to want to be "with" you, whether in work or love, or any relationships
Ancient Memory Oil: Dragon
boosts charisma and strength of character - use in combination with other oils for added power
Ancient Memory Oil: Fearless
accomplish goals without limitations from fear and insecurity; move forward and be more effective every day - allows you to overcome fears and to face your future and any challenges by boosting personal power
Ancient Memory Oil: Good Karma
Good Karma: 
be the best that you can be; see the highest good in all - helps to bring about positive change and transformation
Ancient Memory Oil: Life Force
Life Force:
connect with Universal Energy, the Life Force that exists everywhere - by connecting spiritually and emotionally, it allows access to further your potential in all things
Ancient Memory Oil: Magic
increase enchanting and charming energy around you - helps to create an air of mystery, charisma, and charm
Ancient Memory Oil: Manifest It
Manifest It:
manifest your goals and move forward in life - removes energy blocks in the way; helps in completion of projects
Ancient Memory Oil: Millionaire Mind
Millionaire Mind:
better decision-making, problem solving - inspire creative ideas for financial independence
Ancient Memory Oil: My Best Self
My Best Self:
let people see the true beauty of YOU - bring out your best and truest self with confidence and grace to let your inner best self shine
Ancient Memory Oil: No Jinx
No Jinx:
wipe away self-imposed blocks and negative self-talk - reset energies to be more positive and constructive
Ancient Memory Oil: Power Boost
Power Boost:
for a literal BOOST of energy - also may be used together with other oils to create a more powerful effect
Ancient Memory Oil: Promotion
enhance self-confidence in your work - attain greater recognition in achieving personal goals for tangible results and growth; believe in yourself and actively seek advancement
Ancient Memory Oil: Respect
see the true value within yourself and go forward with confidence - to inspire greater honor and respect for yourself, for others to respect and admire you
Ancient Memory Oil: Success
Boosts confidence and the energy to get things done - achieve success and positive outcomes in all things
Ancient Memory Oil: Super Sales
Super Sales:
boost personal expertise with charisma and confidence - seize opportunities as they arise
Ancient Memory Oil: Voice
help you to "Speak your Truth" - share information with others in a positive way; speak from the knowledge and wisdom that is already within you