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Protection & Warding


Ancient Memory Oil: Axe the Ex
Axe the Ex: 
immediately stop the energy connection between you and someone you wish to be free from - use for spiritual "cord cutting", not only for once romantic situations, but for any relationship that has run its course
Ancient Memory Oil: Banish It

Banish It: 
banish entities, negative spirits, and negative energies in general from your home and environment, and keep them from returning - opens the way to release what does not belong there, then sends it away from your space
Ancient Memory Oil: Empath Armour
Empath Armour: 
create a circle of protection from intrusive energies while still being open and compassionate with others - helpful for empaths, intuitives, psychics, and energy healers who would like to help without taking on other people's Karmic Responsibility
Ancient Memory Oil: Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel: 
call upon your guardian angels not only for protection, but for guidance and comfort when needed - align with "white light" energy to create sacred space where needed
Ancient Memory Oil: Invisibility Cloak
Invisibility Cloak:
go unnoticed by others around you, or become elusive to someone you are trying to avoid - quiets and masks your energy while heightening your awareness to allow you to avoid situations as they arise
Ancient Memory Oil: Protection
for personal, spiritual, and home protection - reduce negative energies around you
Ancient Memory Oil: Psychic Protection
Psychic Protection: 
ward off jealousy, negative energies directed toward you, and protect from the "evil eye" - protect from other people's energies in unfriendly, competitive, or toxic environments
Ancient Memory Oil: Quiet Separation
Quiet Separation: 
peacefully cut ties with negative people and bad situations - quietly remove yourself from relationships of those that no longer respect or value you, and leave peacefully
Ancient Memory Oil: Return to Sender
Return to Sender:
return negative, unwanted energies back to where they came from while providing spiritual protection - helps to dispel negativity while creating a "mirror" effect for sent negativity to reflect off your aura