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Dr. Helen Stewart

Intuitive Consultant

Dr. Helen Stewart Reader Profile

“The future is never set!  A reading helps clients see potential options,  understand meanings behind their current circumstances, and choose consciously what they wish to experience.”

  • Subjects: Purpose, Opportunities and Challenges for Business & Career, Professional & Personal Relationships, Transitions, Personal & Spiritual Growth
  • Tools: Just a name - whether of a person, project, or business
  • Abilities: Clairvoyance, Blend of Head & Heart, Reason & Intuition, Present & Future Probabilities
  • Style: Straight Forward, Grounded, Practical, Funny, Engaging, Inspiring

Helen reads Thursdays 10am - 3pm
(Sorry - Helen is temporarily unavailable at this time.)

Interview with Helen, Intuitive Consultant

What do you feel is your main purpose as a reader?

Help the client be fully expressed and thrive in this time.

How do you do your readings and what will I experience in one of your readings?

a.  I ask the client to say his or her name, the name of a company, and/or the name of someone else they wish to ask about.
b.  I write down an “anchor statement” and read it back to the client, followed by my own intuitive commentary before I know anything about the person.
c.  Following this anchoring moment, I ask for specific questions from the client.

    What methods or tools do you use in your readings to access your intuition and information?

    Nothing but a name and an anchor phrase that comes intuitively out of the blue. While important and helpful, I do not use any other tools such as oracle cards, runes, sound, or astrology.

    What do you enjoy most about giving readings?

    The opportunity for deep connection.  I enjoy the challenge of giving the clearest information possible so clients can understand, discern, and make informed choices that fulfill their deepest yearnings while doing no harm to themselves or others.

    As a reader what situations or areas do you most enjoy helping people with?

    For individuals, I enjoy supporting them with personal, spiritual, and business decisions that help them shimmer and thrive.  I love working with business clients on new product development and frontier science, and with individuals on identifying and fulfilling the blueprint of their purpose in this time.  I was on retainer to a publicly traded financial services company for six years and to individual C-Suite executives from other publicly traded companies for even longer.  I have also done a lot of work with other spiritual practitioners and artists, some of whom are nationally known.

    Will you tell me “bad” things?

    I use my intuition to know what it is appropriate to say, and trust that I will be able to say what needs to be said in a way the client can hear.  Discernment is key.  I try very hard not to edit what comes to me intuitively, trusting that the source of the information is good and wise.  I have told clients information I knew would make them sad, and often they have come back later to thank me for preparing and helping them despite their initial resistance.

    Is my future set or can I change things?

    The future is never set!  One purpose of a reading is to help clients see probabilities and potential options, explore meanings behind their current circumstances, and offer support in choosing consciously what outcomes they wish to experience.

    How long have you been giving readings professionally?

    More than 40 Years.

    Who were your teachers and mentors that helped shape the way you do readings?

    Tamara Diaghilev
      (intuitive training and metaphysical tools, including how to do readings)
    Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer
      (conscious channeling)
    Elisabetha “Lisa” Werner
      (cosmology and metaphysical concepts)
    Jane Roberts, Robert F. Butts, and the Seth Material
      (metaphysical concepts and worldview)
    Mietek Wirkus (healing)
    Barbara Brennan (healing)

    How many years have you studied for your profession?

    50+ Years.

    Tell me a little about some other interesting things that you do.

    I work in French as well as English, and support clients in Europe and the Caribbean as well as the United States.  In 2013 I published a book on business intuition entitled Seven Seconds or Less: From Gut Feeling to Bottom Line in Challenging Areas of Business, and have maintained a WordPress blog currently titled “Grits and Granola” for over a decade.  Currently I am working on a book of essays by that name, and I am active on local and national boards as a volunteer.  I have offered many seminars on intuition for business and everyday life all over the world, and enjoy amateur nature photography.  Public speaking is probably my favorite thing to do, especially about contemporary social challenges and the possibility of bringing a both-and approach to life.  I hosted my own live radio show called “The Intuitive Edge” when I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which was fabulous and fun!


    “I have known and consulted with Helen on both personal and professional matters for more than the past twelve years.  Helen’s advice and commentary have always been 'bang on' and I don’t make any major decisions without consulting with her!”
    -Jane Taras CPA/CA

    “Attending Helen’s workshops I learned to trust my good, strong gut feeling, listen to it, and act accordingly.  It makes life much easier – and much more fun.”
    -Benita Cantieni, Zurich, Switzerland

    “Helen is an amazing individual with exceptional business acumen.  Her professional and personal consulting is priceless. ”
    -Michelle Renee, San Francisco, CA