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Agate (Tree) 6mm Bead Bracelet

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Tree Agate

Best used for:

Greater self-esteem and acceptance
Restoring a connection to nature
Feeling at home in the world

  • Provides protection against negativity; instills a sense of safety and security
  • Supports one in facing difficult circumstances; provides strength and   perseverance
  • Encourages a positive sense of self, promotes greater self-esteem
  • Brings calm, inner-peace, and stability
  • Helps one to tap into the nurturing energy of nature; restores and revives vitality,  imparts strength, and supports the immune system
  • Allows one to recognize what is important in one’s life for abundance to flow
  • Assists in the realization of one’s place in all things, recognizing interconnections and relationships in all things, and identifying karmic lessons
  • Although the energy of tree agate is not quick or dramatic, give it time, for its slow and steady energy is more stable and  provides greater long-lasting benefits

Additional Information:

    • A type of chalcedony - a microcrystalline variety of quartz, this stone is geologically similar to dendritic agate and moss agate differing only in visual appearance
    • Earliest folk traditions used tree agate, moss agate, and dendritic agate interchangeably
    • Tree agate is typically an opaque, whitish variety of dendritic agate with green, brown, or black tree-like inclusions
    • Inclusions in tree agate frequently consist of iron or manganese oxides or chlorite
    • Primary sources of tree agate are Brazil, India, and Uruguay

    Availability: Uncommon  
    Hardness: 7

    Suggested Cleansing Methods: Moonlight, Sunlight, Sage Smudge / Incense, Sage Spray / Energy Spray, Sea Salt (Dry), Sea Water / Salt Water, Fresh Water

    (All methods okay)

    Stones are natural and may differ slightly in appearance from shown example.

     This information serves as a quick guide of subjective metaphysical properties for crystals & gemstones formed through personal experience as well as research of historical and cultural customs & practices. Each person is unique and will experience crystals in their own way depending on their life’s experiences.

     Crystals and gemstones are tools used for living a more positive life and should be used to empower yourself to transform and grow. We possess within ourselves everything that we need to live life fully. Crystals and gemstones serve as a visual and energetic tool to help us on our path. We should not give our power away to them. They are not meant to be a substitute for medical attention.