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Attract & Manifest Spray 2oz

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Attract & Manifest Spray

Sedona Mystic Mysts Series

Spray the Attract & Manifest Spray around your aura or altar to help manifest and attract your dreams and wishes. Envision and meditate on what it is you wish to manifest, spray around you and imagine your wishes coming to fruition.

The lingering notes of warm amber creates a sense of embrace while the finishing scent of candied dates will uplift you.

Shake & Spray to release the magic!

This Sedona Mystic Myst Contains:
Sedona's proprietary Attraction oil, 7 manifesting stone chips and mica in a base of botanical hydration face and body mist. 

Bottles are 2 ounces

Mica and coloring is cosmetic grade, naturally and ethically sourced, non-toxic, cruelty-free with absolutely no animal testing.  Caution: coloring may stain if used liberally or spilled.  Color is water-soluble and will wash out with normal laundry detergent or soap.