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Ba-Gua Hu-Lu Keychain

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Brass Ba-Gua Hulu Gourd shaped keychain with Taoist Incantation

for Protection

Use this auspicious Feng Shui cure to protect against:
(ALL Zodiac signs may benefit from carrying this protective charm.)

(DRAGON in 2024)
Illness Flying Star #2 - it can be used in addition to the Obsidian Bead charm, or the Medicine Buddha bracelet, to protect against illness and physical ailments.

(HORSE in 2024)
Heaven Dog
influence - to prevent illness and injury due to differences in food & environment, especially when travelling abroad.

(MONKEY in 2024)
White Tiger
influence - to minimize accident, injury, and illness.

(RAT in 2024)
5 Ghost
influence - carry in addition to the Tiger Bells to dispel misfortune, misunderstandings, backstabbing, accidents, and sickness.

(TIGER in 2024)
Sadness/Loss influence - carry in addition to the Kuan Yin keychain to mitigate someone you know, friends, or family from potential serious illness which leads to loss, or loss of belongings/money.

(ROOSTER in 2024)
Misfortune Flying Star #5 -  carry in addition to the 9-Palace with Ba-Gua charm or Dorje Keyring to suppress and minimize the impact of misfortune and all kinds of bad luck: loss of all types, accidents, illness, hospital visits.  When afflicted by Misfortune Star #5, your life and all your hard work may suddenly seem to collapse around you - this symbol will bring added protection against it.


This charm is made in the shape of a Hulu Gourd which the two halves in Taoist belief represents Heaven and Earth.  The two halves also form the number “8” which is a good luck number of wealth and prosperity.  Gourds were also used to carry medicines and elixirs of great spiritual power.

The top circle of this charm resembles an old Chinese coin: the square in the middle, once again, represents Earth and the circle itself represents Heaven.

The words, inscribed upon, read:
一帆風順     yīfān fēngshùn
Literal translation: one sail, wind favorable
or “May your life go smoothly”.

The Chinese character in the middle is a compound character made of 4 separate words:
招財進寶     zhāocái jìnbǎo
Literal translation: attract wealth, summon treasure
or “Ushering in wealth & prosperity”.

The bottom circle of this charm, around the edges, read:
出入平安     chū rù píng ān

Literal translation: go or come, peace
or “Peace wherever you go”

There are also 5 vajra (Sanskrit) or dorje (Tibetan) symbols along the outer rim.  These are representations of ritual tools symbolizing Thunderbolts used in meditation and in exorcisms to banish or vanquish evil spirits.

The Chinese character in the very middle is the word for Blessings, Good Luck, and Happiness:
福     Fú

On the back of the Ba-Gua Hulu charm:
The Ba-Gua 八卦 (meaning 8-trigram symbols) is pictured in the top circle.  These patterns of 3 broken and unbroken lines in an octagon shape represents the 8 fundamental elements of Taoist cosmology arranged in a way that embodies harmony and balance.  In the very center of this octagon is the Yin-Yang symbol or:
太极图     tàijítú
also representing balance and harmony.

The inscription of the two written characters in Taoist calligraphy script on the far left and far right read:
“God of Thunder orders the demons to be killed”

Each line of the Taoist Incantation on the charm is written vertically top to bottom and right to left:

雷霆"杀鬼降精     Léitíng"shā guǐ jiàng jīng
斩妖辟邪永保     Zhǎn yāo bìxié yǒngbǎo
神情 奉     Shénqíng fèng
太上老君急如律令敕     Tài shàng lǎo jūn jí rú lǜlìng chì 

“God of Thunder, clear out and kill the ghosts and send down purity. 
Behead the demons, expel the evil and keep us eternally safe. 
Receive this edict from Lao Zi (Tai Shang Lao Jun)
and Let it be executed as fast as Lu Ling." 
(Lu Ling was a famous sprinter or swift runner in ancient China.  He purportedly lived during the time of King Mu.)