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Banish It (Sedona Custom Design)

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Banish It              

To banish entities and negative spirits from your home and environment, and keep them from returning.
Oils: myrrh for opening the doorway to release the spirit energy; lemon to cleanse the energy of the spirit from your surroundings; Clove to push and quickly send the entity away

Herb: cinnamon to strengthen the mixture and add energy

Stone: turritella agate for protection and to aid the user.

Sedona Hawaii and Ancient Memory Oils have been close business partners and allies over the last 30 years. With Ancient Memory creator Donna DeAmaral and Sedona Owner Malia Johnson, we have created an Exclusive Custom Design line of
Protection Oils that are only available to you through Sedona Hawaii.

Many of these recipes have been passed down to Donna through her studies of magickal practice for over 35 years. These
recipes have been passed down through generations of Magickal practitioners of many creeds and religions. Some of these recipes are well over 100 years old and are sacred to Donna and to those who have taught her this ancient knowledge. We now pass them along to you…



オイル: ミルラ・: 悪霊を追い出す扉を開き、除去する

   レモン: あなたの環境から悪霊のエネルギーを排除し浄化する

  クローブ: 霊をすみやかに追い出し除去する

石: キリガイダマシ・メノウ: オイルを使用する人を守り救う石

ハーブ: シナモン: このオイルを強力にし、よりエネルギーを上げる