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Laughing Buddha Aventurine Carving 1.75"

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Laughing Buddha (Aventurine)

Also known as Xiàofú / Bùdài / Hotei (笑佛/布袋)

for Happiness, Wealth, Abundance

(Measures approximately 1" x 1.5" x 1.75-1.85" tall)

Place this Green Aventurine auspicious Feng Shui cure in the SOUTHWEST (2024) to enhance:

Happiness / Future Luck Flying Star #9 - use to increase the energy of this star which brings future luck and happiness of all kinds!  Promotes celebrations, happy occasions, and social relationships.  Place this statue that represents happiness, wealth, abundance, and the letting go of worries and attachments.

It can also be placed in the LIVING ROOM to bring good luck, happiness, and abundance.


With a fat belly symbolizing wealth - both spiritual and worldly, he is always smiling to show contentment and joy. He teaches, when we are content with what we have, wealth is never-ending and will always flow in our lives.

Bùdài, also known as Hotei in Japan, is named for his cloth bag he would always carry as he often wandered through towns performing miracles of wonder. Originally, a monk named,  契此 Qìcǐ / Ch'i-tz'u from Zhèjiāng Province, he was venerated in the Chan/Zen Buddhist tradition as an incarnation of Maitreya, the Buddha of the Future.

A symbol of generosity, kindness, and compassion, Laughing Buddha helps in letting go of worries and attachments.


Green Aventurine

Best used for:

Luck in love and money
Sharpening the mind
Clearing mental and emotional blocks

  • Attracts prosperity, abundance, and money
  • An all around good luck stone, especially in matters of love and games of chance
  • Enhances perception and sharpens intelligence
  • Helps to clear mental and emotional blocks, encouraging positive attitudes
  • Relieves anxiety and fear
  • Promotes good health and wellness


How to use:

  • Place in Living Room or overlooking the main entrance or in the suggested Flying Star Direction based on the color of the stone
  • Do not place in the bathroom or directly on the floor (unclean energy, disrespectful)
  • Do not place in the kitchen
  • Keep on an elevated surface, usually in a place of prominence, typically eye level or above
  • Do not place in the bedroom (place of rest and intimacy)
  • Be sure to keep the area clean and tidy

Each Laughing Buddha figure is hand-carved of natural stone, and as such, each one is unique in color and design.  The one you receive may differ slightly from the one depicted.  Please allow us to intuitively choose the right one for you.