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Blue Rhino, Large Carved Sodalite

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Blue Rhino

for Protection from Theft / Loss / Injury

(Measures approximately 1.75" x  2.5")

Place this auspicious Feng Shui cure in the SOUTH (2024) to protect against:

Robbery / Loss Flying Star #7 -  carry to suppress and minimize the impact of loss of belongings and wealth, theft, betrayal, and robbery.  This Metal element star may also result in injury from anything metal such as a needle, knife, gun, or even car accident!  You may also keep an additional one in your car for extra protection while driving.


Blue Rhinoceros - A powerful symbol in Feng Shui to guard against robbery, theft, burglary, accidents, and loss of wealth.  A peaceful yet fiercely protective animal when threatened (especially if encroaching into its home space or endangering its children), the rhino is a perfect peaceful guardian to protect one's space and belongings.  The Blue color represents the Water element which is important to weaken and minimize the effects of the Metal element Robbery Star.

How to use:

  • Place in the yearly direction of the Robbery/Loss Flying Star #7
    (If possible, have it facing the main door or window)
  • Do not place in the bathroom or directly on the floor (unclean energy, disrespectful)
  • Keep on an elevated surface, but lower than deity statues (disrespectful if placed higher)
  • Do not place in the bedroom (place of rest, personal activity)
  • Do not face them directly at you, where you sit, or rest (their energy may be too strong)

Please allow for slight variation as the Rhino is handcarved from natural stone.