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Blue Rhino with Lotus Charm

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Blue Rhino with Lotus Charm

for Protection from Theft / Loss / Injury

Use this auspicious Feng Shui cure to protect against:

(HORSE in 2024)
Robbery / Loss Flying Star #7
 -  carry to suppress and minimize the impact of loss of belongings and wealth, theft, betrayal, and robbery.  This Metal element star may also result in injury from anything metal such as a needle, knife, gun, or even car accident!  It may even involve a hospital visit requiring surgery that leads to additional loss of money.  You may also keep an additional Blue Rhino with Lotus Charm in your car for extra protection while driving.


Blue Rhinoceros - A powerful symbol in Feng Shui to guard against robbery, theft, burglary, accidents, and loss of wealth.  A peaceful yet fiercely protective animal when threatened (especially if encroaching into its home space or endangering its children), the rhino is a perfect peaceful guardian to protect one's space and belongings.  The Blue color represents the Water element which is important to weaken and minimize the effects of the Metal element Robbery Star.

Lotus - Grows in mud yet rises far above it to bloom with beauty.  A symbol of purity and spirituality, the lotus shows us that although we are mired and exist in the mud, conflicts, and upset feelings of this world, we can rise above it to live in peace, harmony, and happiness.

Mystic KnotWithout beginning or end the mystic knot represents boundless or limitless potential.  Within the design of the mystic knot is the infinity symbol which is also symbolic of the number "8" the number for wealth, prosperity, money, abundance, and good fortune.  Adopted from Tibetan culture, the mystic knot or endless knot is one of the 8 Auspicious Symbols, representing the interconnectedness of all things.

Please allow for slight variation in size and color as rhinoceros is handcarved natural stone.