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Butterfly Apple Double Happiness Charm

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Butterfly, Apple (Rose Quartz), Double Happiness Charm

Use this Rose Quartz auspicious Feng Shui cure to enhance:

(RAM & MONKEY in 2024)
Happiness / Future Luck Flying Star #9 - use to increase the energy of this star which brings future luck and happiness of all kinds!  Promotes celebrations, happy occasions, and social relationships.  Carry this charm that represents unconditional love, loyal friendships, harmonious relationships, and life-long partnerships.


This features the written Chinese character  which is known as "Double Happiness" because it is joy/happiness  written twice.


Freedom, love, having a free spirit, achievement of happiness, being close to the heavens, new opportunities, and good fortune.

Rose Quartz Apple:
Unconditional love, friendship, and good relationships.
The word for Apple in Chinese is 苹 Píng which sounds like the word for Peace 平 Píng.
This symbol is used for peace and harmony in all relationships.

Mystic Knot:
Without beginning or end the mystic knot represents boundless or limitless potential.  Within the design of the mystic knot is the infinity symbol which is also symbolic of the number "8" the number for wealth, prosperity, money, abundance, and good fortune.  Adopted from Tibetan culture, the mystic knot or endless knot is one of the 8 Auspicious Symbols, representing the interconnectedness of all things.

Charm measures approximately 4.5" in total length.
Please allow for slight variation in color of the cording, the knot, and beads.  All colors chosen to be used in this charm are in association with good luck.  Rose Quartz is a natural stone as well, and may also have slight variations.