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Chi Lin Pair, Small

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Ch'i Lin / Qilin / Kirin Brass Pair - for Suppressing 3-Killings Star

Place this auspicious Feng Shui cure in the NORTH to protect against:

3-Killings Star - to suppress and minimize the impact of Natural Disaster (earthquake, flood, hurricane, etc.), Man-Made Disaster (robbery, theft, car-accident, misfortune caused by mankind), and Graveyard Influence (misfortune caused by accidents, injury, needing to go to hospital).

When placing the Ch'i Lin, display them in the NORTH with their heads facing toward the entrance door.  You may also have them facing NORTH if there is a window in that direction.  (If they are tied together as in the picture, be sure to cut the cord and display them so they are NOT facing each other.)

Also, best not to place the Ch'i Lin in the bathroom (unclean energy, disrespectful to the Ch'i Lin) or bedroom (place of rest, Ch'i Lin energy is too strong).


The Ch'i Lin, also known as the Dragon Horse is the Bringer of Peace, Happiness, and Good Fortune.  The Ch'i Lin symbolizes perfect goodness, wisdom, harmony, protection, and longevity.  Also known as the Kirin in Japan, the Ch'i Lin has the body of a deer, the tail of an ox, the scales of a fish, and one, two, or three fur-covered horns or antlers.  They are believed to be animals of such benevolence and goodness that they would never step on a living thing, not even a blade of grass.  They are said to be the swiftest of all creatures and could not only walk on water, but when on land, their steps produced neither sound, nor footprints.  Because of their pure,  benevolent nature, they are excellent for suppressing the harmful energy of the Three Killings Star.