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Pi-Chu Color Fortune Wheel Brclt

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Color Change Pi-Chu Fortune Wheel Bracelet (adjustable size)

Also known as Pixiu or Pi Yao (貔貅 píxiū / P’i-hsiu)

for Protection, Drawing Wealth, and to Smooth the Way for the Year

Pi Chu is finished with color change enameling
that changes color with mood and temperature.
*One size fits most - measures up to 10" around

Wear this auspicious Feng Shui cure to protect against:
(All zodiac signs may also wear for money luck, and general protection.
Popular for luck in gambling and games of chance— good for Las Vegas trips.)

(DRAGON in 2024)
Tai Sui influence - Also known as "God of the Year" or "Grand Duke Jupiter": A year of transition, proceed in ALL things with caution!  When it is your zodiac year, people often misunderstand and believe that their luck will be better, however, quite the contrary is true.  When it is your zodiac year, it is the beginning of an entirely new cycle for you often with many changes and transitions - the energy is very unsettled.  Wear the Pi Chu to smooth the way so the year proceeds with minimal problems.

(DOG in 2024)
Facing Tai Sui influence
 - This influence will affect the clashing sign which is the zodiac sign 180-degrees or completely opposite that of the current year.  This indicates the energy of the year may be completely opposite the usual nature of that sign.  It is often a challenging year with many obstacles, interruptions, difficulties, delays, and loss.  Wear the Pi Chu to smooth the way so the year proceeds with minimal problems.

(BOAR in 2024)
Minor Loss influence 
- it can be used to protect against loss of money as well as loss through robbery, betrayal, sickness, or accident. 


The Pi Chu is a protective heavenly creature resembling a Chinese Lion with horn(s), and little wings allowing it to fly between Heaven and Earth.

The 9th son of the Dragon King, and favorite of the Jade Emperor, the Pi Chu eats but does not dispose.  With its big infinite appetite, especially for gold, silver, and jewels, it is recommended for people who want lots of money coming in but not a lot of money going out.

Fierce guardian and loyal protector, they ward off, attack, and eat demons, evil spirits, disease, and bad luck— turning it into great wealth.

Use to suppress negative harmful energy while bestowing good fortune.


Pi Chu (regardless of whether it is the male or female variety) provides a minimum of eight blessings:

  • Brings good luck and fortune
  • Generates good Feng Shui or Earth luck
  • Attracts wealth and prosperity
  • Protects individuals, homes, and businesses
  • Drives away obstacles and hardships
  • Grants windfall luck
  • Guards against accidents in travel
  • Appeases Tai Sui and brings good favor

This Pi Chu bracelet features the depiction of a cord strung up with 8 Chinese Coins in the Pi Chu's mouth to attract money, abundance & prosperity.

The number 8 is associated with wealth and good fortune:
in Chinese, the word for 8 (八 / baat) sounds like “to prosper” (發 / faat). 

The unique shape of Chinese coins also represents balance and harmony: the square hole in the middle represents Earth, while the round circle of the coin itself represents Heaven. 


This Pi Chu bracelet also features the Chinese character 壽 (shòu longevity), artistically stylized as a popular circular design motif.  The longevity symbol implies blessings of a long life, filled with health, happiness, and good fortune.


Written on the Fortune Wheel (spinning fan) itself is the phrase:

风生水起  fēng shēng shuǐ qǐ
Literal translation: wind up, water rise
or “A strong wind makes great waves,” implying things done well will quickly lead to great success.

As the Fortune Wheel spins, while the Pi Chu bracelet is being worn, it will bring great success in all you do.  Wind and Water are also the principle elements and literal translation of Feng Shui.


Sometimes depicted with 2 horns, the female Pi Chu, Bìxié (辟邪 bìxié, meaning to ward off evil spirits) is better at protecting.

Sometimes depicted with 1 horns, the male Pi Chu, Tiānlù (天祿; tiānlù, meaning heavenly blessing/prosperity) is better at amassing wealth.

Please allow for slight variation in color-change enameling.  Each individual bracelet may have unique patterning.

*Sorry, this item is considered a Feng Shui item and does not qualify for Jewelry Sales.