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Dragon Turtle Brass Statue 3"

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Brass Dragon Turtle/Tortoise

for Power, Authority, and Rank

(Measures approximately 3" in length, 2.25" across, 2.5" tall)

Place this auspicious Feng Shui cure in the NORTHEAST (2024) to enhance:

Authority / Strength Flying Star #6 - use to bring greater power, authority, rank, and positions of greater influence.  Seeking that promotion in your career?  Looking to shift into a position of greater leadership?  This is the Feng Shui statue for you.


A turtle with the head of a dragon, it is believed the dragon turtle is a turtle that has lived more than 10,000 years to become a celestial being of great authority.


  • The Dragon is a symbol of great strength, power, success, good fortune, and blessings
  • One of China’s most complex, widespread, and popular symbols, the Dragon bears great mythological and cosmological significance
  • A symbol of the emperor and "Yang-chi" or masculine vital-force energy
  • Good-natured, celestial creatures of strength, power, protection, prosperity, success, and victory
  • Of the 4-cardinal directions, Ruler of the East, the season of Spring, and direction of sunrise
  • Often shown with a ball or pearl representing thunder, it is the dragon in the clouds that causes life-giving rain to fall.  Also associated with seas, lakes, rivers, streams, and waterways


  • The Turtle is a symbol of longevity, stability, support, protection, and wisdom
  • Also known as 玄武 Xuánwǔ or Dark Warrior, the Turtle is one of the 4 great Celestial Animals, sometimes depicted with the Earth Snake coiled around his shell; also associated with the Taoist protector god of the North
  • A symbol of long life, good health, being in a position of great respect, and a life of well-being and fulfillment
  • Of the 4-cardinal directions, Ruler of the North, the season of Winter, the color Black, and Water element

Together, these celestial animals bring lasting wealth and career advancement.

The Dragon Turtle sits on a pile of:

Chinese Coins (to attract wealth & prosperity, to represent the metal element, and as a symbol of protection)  The unique shape of Chinese coins represents balance and harmony: the square hole in the middle represents Earth, while the round circle of the coin itself represents  Heaven.

Gold Ingots (元宝 yuánbǎo) represents better income and financial success.  In ancient China, gold ingots were the favored form of currency among emperors and government officials.  It is a symbol of wealth and high status perfect to energize one's money luck.  Instead of gold bars as in Western culture, gold ingots were cast in a lucky "boat" shape which alludes to the popular saying:
一帆風順     yīfān fēngshùn
Literal translation: one sail, wind favorable
or “May your life go smoothly” for an easy, prosperous life of abundance.


The baby turtle is to ensure "descendants luck" to bestow good fortune on both young and old, as well as to bring family harmony or peaceful relations within groups of people.


How to use:

  • Place in the yearly direction of the Authority/Strength Flying Star #6
    (If possible, have them facing the main door or window.)
  • Do not place in the bathroom or directly on the floor (unclean energy, disrespectful)
  • Keep on an elevated surface, but lower than deity statues (disrespectful if placed higher)
  • Do not place in the bedroom (place of rest, personal activity)
  • Do not face them directly at you, where you sit, or rest (their energy may be too strong)
  • Alternatively, can be placed in locations of importance if not in conflict with other influences