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Dragon Egg: Salt and Stone Set

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Dragon Egg Salt & Stone Set

For Protection & Cleansing

The Dragon Egg can absorb negative energy from one’s environment. When placed in water, the negative energy absorbed transfers to the water and is neutralized by the purifying salt and protection stones. 

When changing the water, be sure to empty it away from the home/office - pour it down the drain, thus removing the remaining negative energy from the area.  Be sure to dispose of the water in a safe area away from garden plants, pets, or people.

The egg also symbolizes the Universe, fertility, and resurrection.  A sign of health, wealth, and luck, the egg is also symbolically associated with promise and potential; that within any egg, at any given time, there rests dormant the possibility of Life.

Setting up your Dragon Egg Bowl:

  1. Select a waterproof bowl of either clear glass or a ceramic bowl of colors blue, black, or white (or any combination thereof).
  2. Add the protection stone mix to the bottom.
  3. Place the Dragon Egg in the bowl and fill with fresh water to fully submerge the egg.
  4. Add a tiny pinch of the provided Hawaiian Salt (or any other natural salt) to the water, to activate.
  5. Place the filled bowl in an area that will benefit from its purifying energy.

Additional Tips:

As the water evaporates, refill with more fresh water as needed.
Completely change the water, rinse off the egg, and add another tiny pinch of salt as needed (we suggest at least once a week) - be careful to save and reuse the protection stone mix!

1) When choosing where to place the bowl, be sure that it is not in a direction badly aspected by the annual Feng Shui Flying Star influences.  If you are unsure, consult a Feng Shui book or ask an experienced practitioner.
2) Some generally good water element directions are: North, East, and Southeast, and by the main entrance.
3) Some generally bad water element directions to avoid are: South, West, or in the Center space to avoid elemental conflict.

This set contains:
1 Dragon Egg
1 Packet of protection stones - to add to the bottom of your bowl (not included)
1 Packet of salt - to add a pinch of to the water as needed for additional purifying
Simple setup instructions and guidelines, also included.