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Dragon Turtle Keychain

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Dragon Turtle / Tortoise Keychain

for Power, Authority, and Rank

Carry this auspicious Feng Shui cure to enhance:

(OX & TIGER in 2024)
Authority / Strength Flying Star #6
 - use to bring greater power, authority, rank, and positions of greater influence.  Seeking that promotion in your career?  Looking to shift into a position of greater leadership?  This is the charm for you.  It is also believed to ward off illness.


A turtle with the head of a dragon, it is believed the dragon turtle is a turtle that has lived more than 10,000 years to become a celestial being of great authority.


  • The Dragon is a symbol of great strength, power, success, good fortune, and blessings
  • One of China’s most complex, widespread, and popular symbols, the Dragon bears great mythological and cosmological significance
  • A symbol of the emperor and ”Yang-chi” or masculine vital-force energy
  • Good-natured, celestial creatures of strength, power, protection, prosperity, success, and victory
  • Of the 4-cardinal directions, Ruler of the East, the season of Spring, and direction of sunrise
  • Often shown with a ball or pearl representing thunder, it is the dragon in the clouds that causes life-giving rain to fall.  Also associated with seas, lakes, rivers, streams, and waterways


  • The Turtle is a symbol of longevity, stability, support, protection, and wisdom
  • Also known as 玄武 Xuánwǔ or Dark Warrior, the Turtle is one of the 4 great Celestial Animals, sometimes depicted with the Earth Snake coiled around his shell; also associated with the Taoist protector god of the North
  • A symbol of long life, good health, being in a position of great respect, and a life of well-being and fulfillment
  • Of the 4-cardinal directions, Ruler of the North, the season of Winter, the color Black, and Water element

Together, these celestial animals bring lasting wealth and career advancement.