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Empower™ 2oz Spray

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Empower™ Spray

Cleanse, protect, strengthen:

Empower™ Essence may assist with removing underlying blocks and obstacles and help with release of worry and anxiety.  At the core of Empower™ Essence formula is a powerful synergy of gemstone ingredients.  This gemstone synergy acts to repair and strengthen tears and breaks in your aura, effect a blue-violet energetic shield or protective layer in your energy field (thereby screening out negativity and psychic debris), and neutralize and cleanse negative emotion while balancing your Solar Plexus Chakra to increase balance and positivity.  Empower™ is also formulated with several unique orchids and tree flowers that encourage you to stand out or let your inner light shine.  While Empower™ Essence would encourage you towards release of fears, worries, and anxiety, it would also promote feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  Empower™ Essence also has flowers and complimentary gemstones that may help you process and integrate the effects of this essence more decisively (with the result being that you move into a space of internal strength with greater ease and poise).

How To Use:

Shake the bottle vigorously to activate.
We recommend 4-6 sprays over areas indicated on the bottle or over areas of stress and tension. You can also spray the most sensitive areas, which include your forehead, temples, neck/throat, heart chakra, and base of skull.

About Shanti Kai™ Essences:

Shanti Kai Essences are not Aromatherapy, Essential Oils or Fragrances. They are highly complex Vibrational Infusions that work on the body's energy field. Vibrational Essences are all about creating balance, releasing old patterns of behavior and emotions, and helping us to be the expression of our highest, inner potential. These essences transfer the vibrations of flowers, gemstones, precious metals and color to the user's energy field, allowing them to assimilate the corrective frequencies to heal and restore.

*Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Statements made about Shanti Kai Essence Products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Always consult a doctor if you have any health concerns.