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Evil Eye Protection Salt Jar

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Evil Eye Protection Salt

Spell Jar Set

Sedona Protection Series

SALT in many cultures around the world for millennia, has been used to cleanse, to purify, and to preserve.

Use spiritually to:
Cleanse ~ Ward off Evil ~ Protect

This Spell Jar Set includes:

  • Cobalt Blue Glass Jar
  • Salt Mix with Powdered Eggshell
  • Piece of Parchment Paper
  • Evil Eye Protection Charm
  • an easy to follow, step-by-step guide on how to use salt and Cascarilla (powdered white eggshell) in a simple ritual to bring protection.

Not included: Blue Ink Pen (a ballpoint pen or fine-tip marker is okay)

Salt Jar measures 3.55" x  2.85"

For metaphysical use only. Do not ingest or bathe in.