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Fresh Start - Kinehe Flower Essence

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Papaya Flower Essence helps you take action on your own behalf so you can get what you really want.
Removes fear of making good choices for yourself.

"Flower Essences for Everyday Life"

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals flower essences are designed to help you meet the challenges of everyday living. Your emotions determine the quality of your life. These flower essences contain therapeutic benefits that aid in soothing and balancing the emotions and managing every day choices. The main purpose of flower essences is to bring people’s awareness into the present moment and release emotional tension caused by past experiences or worrying about the future. Safe and effective. Fast & easy to use; 5 drops under tongue or in 1 cup water up to 3 times per day. No known side effects.

Supplement Ingredients: Distilled water, flower essence, brandy (13% alcohol). 1 oz bottle.