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Golden Double Coin Citrine Charm

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Golden Double Coin Charm with Citrine

for Prosperity, Wealth Luck, and Money

Use this auspicious Feng Shui cure to enhance:
(Also carry for luck in gambling and games of chance— good for Las Vegas trips!)

(RAT in 2024)
Prosperity / Wealth Luck Flying Star #8
 - use to bring wealth & prosperity in all things, health, happiness, career, and relationships.

(BOAR in 2024)
Minor Loss 
influence -  it can be used to ward off loss of money as well as loss through robbery, betrayal, sickness, or accident.  Also used to bring wealth & prosperity in all things, health, happiness, career, and relationships.


The Double Coin symbol is shaped like the number 8, one of the luckiest numbers in Feng Shui, associated with wealth, abundance, and good fortune.  In Chinese, the word for 8 (八 / baat) sounds like “to prosper” (發 / faat).

Also shaped like the infinity symbol, it symbolizes endless money luck and success.

Citrine, a natural golden crystal, is believed to energize one's money luck.

A citrine carving of a gold ingot (元宝 yuánbǎo) represents better income and financial success.  In ancient China, gold ingots were the favored form of currency among emperors and government officials.  It is a symbol of wealth and high status. 

Gold ingots were cast in a lucky "boat" shape which alludes to the popular saying:

一帆風順     yīfān fēngshùn

Literal translation: one sail, wind favorable
or “May your life go smoothly”

- for an easy, prosperous life of abundance.


Mystic Knot:
Without beginning or end the mystic knot represents boundless or limitless potential.  Within the design of the mystic knot is the infinity symbol which is also symbolic of the number "8" the number for wealth, prosperity, money, abundance, and good fortune.  Adopted from Tibetan culture, the mystic knot or endless knot is one of the 8 Auspicious Symbols, representing the interconnectedness of all things.

Please allow for variation in color of the cording and knot.  All colors chosen to be used in this charm are in association with money luck.