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Gone For Good - Ancient Memory Oil Set

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Tell that negative spirit Sayonara with this powerful blend. Create a safe and protected space in your home. Put a few drops in a diffuser, or around your doors and windows to banish and keep negative spirits away. 

Get three Ancient Memory Oils in a themed set for a special discounted price!

Banish It
To banish entities and negative spirits from your home and environment, and keep them from returning.
Oils: myrrh, lemon, clove
Herb: cinnamon
Stone: turritella agate

House Blessing
To clear and cleanse your home and surroundings of strong negative energy.
Oils: frankincense, myrrh
Herb: blessed thistle
Stone: clear quartz.

Shake It Off
To break hexes, extreme bad energies, and remove energy blocks that someone has purposely sent in your direction. This oil is designed to remove and ground the energies without creating Karmic consequences for the person sending evil intent.
Oils: sage, rosemary, dragon's blood, laveder
Herb: angelica root
Stone: obsidian


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