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Hex Breaker Candle 4" - Glass Jar

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Hex Breaker - to reverse harmful directed energies, ward off malevolent spirits, and protect against negativity from others.

Burn this candle to break free from negative energies, hexes, jinxes, or curses directed at you from others.  This candle removes any negative connection you may have to another person and creates a protective barrier.

This Sedona Empowerment Candle Contains: 
our proprietary specialty Hex Breaker oil blend, Tourmalinated Quartz Crystal, the herbs Agrimony, Cascara Sagrada, and Chili Pepper.

Candle Jar measures approximately 4" tall x  3" diameter

Make sure to remove crystals and flammable herbs before burning. Put them next to the candle in a small dish or put them into a small cloth bag to carry with you for good luck.

**Candles are hand made and may differ slightly in appearance from shown example.