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Hu-Lu Medicine Gourd, 4" Brass

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Hulu Medicine Gourd for Health Protection

Place this auspicious Feng Shui cure in the SOUTHWEST to protect against:

Illness Flying Star #2 - use to protect against illness and physical ailments.  Be especially careful to protect your health as you are vulnerable to hospital visits and surgery.

(RABBIT in 2022)
Minor Illness 
influence - use to protect against illness and physical ailments especially when feeling lack in energy, weary, or tired.  Be sure not to over extend yourself.


In ancient China, the dried, hollowed out gourd was used as a container to carry water, rice wine, medicines, or Taoist elixirs and herbal potions of great spiritual power.

This symbol is believed to bring longevity, vitality, and good health while warding off sickness and ill fortune.

The two halves of the gourd in Taoist belief represents the harmony between Heaven and Earth.

The two halves also form the number “8” which is a good luck number of wealth and prosperity.


This Metal Hulu is perfect for weakening the influence of the Earth element Illness Flying Star #2. 

On the bottom of the Hulu Gourd: 
The Ba-Gua 八卦 (meaning 8-trigram symbols) is pictured.  These patterns of 3 broken and unbroken lines represents the 8 fundamental elements of Taoist cosmology arranged in a way that embodies harmony and balance.  In the very center of this is the Yin-Yang symbol or:
太极图     tàijítú 
also representing balance and harmony.