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Karma Clear

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Karma Clear

by Ancient Memory

"Improve Your Life Series" Limited Edition 2023

Helps clear "bad luck" energies.  Supports your own actions to create positivity in your life.

"We can create bad Karma for ourselves by our thoughts and actions without even realizing what we are doing.  If you feel that you are experiencing particularly 'bad luck', stop and think why that is - have you created this problem because of something you did or thought?  Karma Clear oil is designed to help you realize the mistake that you made and help support you as you change the thought or behavior.  Once you have changed your behavior, I suggest using Good Karma to complete the change in Karmic Energy.  Palo Santo fragrance is used for cleansing and clearing to create a Holy Space.  This oil will also have Snowflake Obsidian.  This will help you 'get our of your own way' and help you release any bad energies that hold you back from growth and having a fulfilling life.  Sea shells have also been added as they are a symbol of the Universal Spiral of Ascension.  These shells remind us that as we come back to where we 'started' that we are actually on a higher level of being."

Oils: Palo Santo
Stone: Sea Shells & Snowflake Obsidian


            オイル: パロサント
            : 貝殻と雪の破片オブシディアン