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Lion with Sword Keychain

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Lion with Sword Keychain for Protection

Carry this auspicious Feng Shui cure to protect against:
(Also display one in your car especially if you drive often!)

3-Killings Star - to suppress and minimize the impact of Natural Disaster (earthquake, flood, hurricane, etc.), Man-Made Disaster (robbery, theft, car-accident, misfortune caused by mankind), and Graveyard Influence (misfortune caused by accidents, injury, needing to go to hospital). 

Also display one in your car especially if you drive often.

(SNAKE in 2023)
Heaven Dog 
influence - to prevent illness and injury due to differences in food & environment, especially when travelling abroad.

(RAM in 2023)
White Tiger 
influence - to minimize accident, injury, and illness.


The Chinese Lion, a celestial protector, seen frequently at entrances and gateways to important spaces, guards against negative energies and brings positive Chi.  It is a symbol of power, strength, authority, protection, and wealth.

The sword in the Chinese Lion's mouth is engraved with the zigzag constellation of the Big Dipper or Northern Ladle Constellation (běi dǒu xīng 北斗星)  which rotates around the North Star (běi jí xīng 北极星).  This celestial constellation is seen as the chariot or seat of the Celestial Emperor, who keeps the harmonious balance of Yin and Yang, rulership over the 4-cardinal directions, and the 5-elements.  This special sword is a symbol of Heaven's power to vanquish negative forces and bad spirits and bring all into balance and harmony.

On the back of the Lion with Sword charm: 
The Ba-Gua 八卦 (meaning 8-trigram symbols) is pictured.  These patterns of 3 broken and unbroken lines represents the 8 fundamental elements of Taoist cosmology arranged in a way that embodies harmony and balance.  In the very center of this octagon (and also on the Lion's head on the front) is the Yin-Yang symbol or:
太极图     tàijítú 
also representing balance and harmony.