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Lucky Coin (Celestial) with Wood Stand, Large

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Lucky Coin (Brass) with stand -

7.5" Diameter Large,

for Protection

Place this auspicious Feng Shui cure in the WEST (2024) to protect against:

Misfortune Flying Star #5 -  use to suppress and minimize the impact of misfortune and all kinds of bad luck: loss of all types, accidents, illness, hospital visits.  When afflicted by Misfortune Star #5, your life and all your hard work may suddenly seem to collapse around you - this is the symbol to use for protection against it.


Not only is the coin a symbol of money, and thus prosperity, the round shape of the coin represents "Heaven" while the square hole represents "Earth".

This Lucky Coin has the 4 Celestial Animals representing, the 4 cardinal directions (North, East, South, West), the 4 seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn) and 4 (of the 5) elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Metal - the Center square is Earth).  They are the Turtle, Dragon, Phoenix, and Tiger.

The words, inscribed upon, read:
鎮宅之寶    zhènzhái zhībǎo
Literal translation: guard home, precious treasure
or “Precious treasure to suppress evil spirits and guard this dwelling.”

The back of the Lucky Coin features: 
The Ba-Gua 八卦 (meaning 8-trigram symbols) is pictured.  These patterns of 3 broken and unbroken lines in an octagon shape represents the 8 fundamental elements of Taoist cosmology arranged in a way that embodies harmony and balance.  In the very center of this octagon is the Yin-Yang symbol or:
太极图     tàijítú 
also representing balance and harmony.

Once again, the Celestial Animals are pictured but in a different order, the Dragon & Phoenix which may also represent the balance of Yin and Yang, and the Turtle for stability, longevity, and harmony on Earth.  Missing is the White Tiger of the West which can sometimes also represent the principle Yin force, however, instead is two crossed swords to vanquish evil spirits and to ward off negative energy.