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Manifest It! - Ancient Memory Oil Set

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Manifesting is a powerful energetic tool we all posses. Pave the way to success and remove all obstacles! Energize candles or stones for your specific purpose of what you wish to manifest.

Get three Ancient Memory Oils in a themed set for a special discounted price!

Open the Door
Helps manifest new opportunities in all aspects of life: personal, career & business. Helps us to be more aware of new offerings and realize our potential.           
Oils: lemon, sage, green grass
Herb: sunflower petals
Stone: leopard jasper

Smooth Path
Overcome obstacles to make life easier and more fulfilling. Helps to bring peace of mind in money, work, health and business to help us feel more joyous.
Oils: jasmine and lily
Herb: chrysanthemum
Stone: garnet

Accept prosperity, abundance, and all good things life has to offer. Helps us to find contentment in our lives.
Oils: cucumber
Herb: none
Stone: lapis lazuli

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