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Marriage Material - Ancient Memory Oil Set

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Looking for The One? Use this trio to attract your kindred spirit. Find a partner who will love and respect you. Wear as a personal fragrance or anoint love stones and jewelry.

Get three Ancient Memory Oils in a themed set for a special discounted price!

Be more attractive to others, helps you feel more beautiful inside. Help one to overcome shyness and to be more sociable, attracting greater opportunities for romantic love as well as friendships.
Oils: pear and vanilla
Float: fire & ice rose petals
Stone: garnet

To help you attract a true love, kindred spirit and partner that loves and appreciates you completely.
Oils: fig and orchid
Herb: Lady’s Bed Straw
Stone: rose quartz

To achieve greater potential in romantic love, to strengthen your present relationships so that they can endure the ups and downs of life and be more everlasting.
Oils: lilac, peach and rose
Herb: rose and lavender
Stone: rose quartz

*Pouch color may vary from what is shown in photo