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Mini Wood Reed Diffuser: Car & Home

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Reed Diffuser

(8ml capacity diffuser measures 1.9" x 1.05" x 1.05" - with reeds inserted, 2.7" in height)

Add the fragrance oil of your choice!
As the oil is absorbed by the wood reeds, it travels up the length of the reeds, naturally evaporating to lightly scent the air - no heat or flame required!

(We recommend using a different reed diffuser for each fragrance used, as the oil will absorb into the wood.)

Add your favorite Ancient Memory Purpose Oils to shift the energy of a space, according to your intentions, to manifest your wishes:

  • Peace & Harmony
  • Money & Abundance
  • Love & Romance
  • Health & Healing
  • Blessings, Safety, and Protection

Advanced Tip: Circle the bottle with gemstones & crystals, blessing salts, or use with symbols of intention, sigils, runes, or other charms to radiate outward, energetically affecting a larger area.

(Also comes with a clip so it may be used in your car.)