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Moon Magick Candle

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Moon Magick

Empowerment Candle

Harness the power of the Moon!  The moon, ruler of the ocean tides and luminary of the night, has long been associated with hidden wisdom, Goddess energy, and magick.  Invoke versatile Lunar Energy to manifest your dreams.

Burn this candle to inspire you to work with all phases of the moon to bring new opportunities by manifesting abundance, increasing prosperity, and attracting love.

This Sedona Empowerment Candle Contains
our proprietary specialty Moon Magick oil blend, Moonstone, Quartz Crystal, Jasmine Flowers, and a Crescent Moon charm to wear or hang.

Make sure to remove crystals and flammable herbs before burning. Put them next to the candle in a small dish or put them into a small cloth bag to carry with you for good luck.

Candle Jar measures approximately 4" tall x  3" diameter
Candles are individually handmade and may differ slightly in appearance from shown example.
To prevent fire & serious injury do not burn candles unattended.