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Obsidian Bead, Medicine Buddha Charm

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Obsidian Bead with Medicine Buddha Charm

for Health Protection

(Feng Shui Charm measures approximately 4" in length including cord; Obsidian bead is approximately 16.5mm/0.65" in diameter.)

Carry this auspicious Feng Shui cure to protect against:

(DRAGON & SNAKE in 2024)
Illness Flying Star #2
 - use to protect against illness and physical ailments.  Be especially careful to protect your health as you are vulnerable to hospital visits and surgery.

(SNAKE in 2024)
influence - use to protect against illness and physical ailments especially when feeling lack in energy, weary, or tired.  Be sure not to over extend yourself.


This charm features an Obsidian bead which is black, representing the Water element, to subdue the Earth energy of the Illness Flying Star #2.  Obsidian is also good protection energy as a stone.


The blue-dyed Agate bead is etched with the image of, and the words for "Medicine Buddha" or Bhaiṣajyaguru in Sanskrit (藥師佛 Yào shī fó), who upon attaining enlightenment made a vow to heal those with illness and physical suffering, those with mental and spiritual afflictions, and to help the oppressed be free.

He is often depicted holding a medicine jar, sometimes with a Myrobalan medicinal plant or fruit and is associated with the color of spiritual healing: Blue.

    Mystic Knot:
    Without beginning or end the mystic knot represents boundless or limitless potential.  Within the design of the mystic knot is the infinity symbol which is also symbolic of the number "8" the number for wealth, prosperity, money, abundance, and good fortune.  Adopted from Tibetan culture, the mystic knot or endless knot is one of the 8 Auspicious Symbols, representing the interconnectedness of all things.