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by Ancient Memory

"Improve Your Life Series" Limited Edition 2023

Enhance self-confidence in your work.  Greater recognition to achieving personal goals.

"This is a follow-up oil for New Career in the Manifesting Series (2022).  New Career helps you identify if you need to change your place of employment or entire career.  Now, Promotion will help give you a feeling of control and confidence in your ability to achieve your workplace goals.  Remember - the answer is within you.  Believe in yourself!  Actively seek advancement with confidence and know that you control the situation and your own abilities to achieve greater recognition.  Essence of Bamboo fragrance is this oil's base for strength, and essences of Honeydew Melon for opportunity.  Bloodstone is to make you fearless.  Frankincense brings an earth-plane energy of active positive energy."

Oils: Bamboo, Honeydew Melon, Lemongrass
Herb: Frankincense
Stone: Bloodstone

            オイル: 竹、ハニーデューメロン、レモングラス
            ハーブ: フランキンセンス/乳香
            : ブラッドストーン