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4 LUCKIEST Signs of 2024 Year of the Wood Dragon

4 LUCKIEST Signs of 2024 Year of the Wood Dragon

Dragons are revered as mythical creatures embodying power, good fortune, and prosperity. Each year is associated with a specific elemental dragon, and 2024 brings forth the Wood Dragon. Wood, representing vitality and flexibility, combines harmoniously with the Dragon's innate strength, making this year particularly promising.  Here are our picks for the 4 LUCKIEST signs, and the general outlook for each sign with recommendations for feng shui charms and cures to help you make the most of the year!

The 4 Luckiest Chinese Zodiac Signs of 2022

Find out which 4 signs of the Chinese Zodiac will be LUCKIEST in 2022.  Read on for all sign forecast, personal lucky charms and cures and the Flying Star Feng Shui Map for 2022.  Don't know your Chinese Zodiac sign?  Check out our easy to use birth chart!
4 Luckiest Signs of 2022 - Chinese Zodiac Sign Horoscope 2022 by Sedona Hawaii